Monday, February 9, 2009

Great trip!

Robin and I got to go to Schweinfurt, Germany this weekend (four hours away… in Bavaria) and do a worship workshop.  We did the workshop for Schweinfurt Christian Center, a fun international church.  The pastors are Americans (that have lived there for about 20 yrs) and the worship team consists of a German, five Sintis (Gypsies) and a girl from Jamaica.  As you can probably imagine, they had a great musical sound!

They were very open to the training, even though some of it was a bit hard for them to swallow.  Artists (especially musicians) are not known as the most disciplined people in the world.  But especially when it comes to a church setting, the need for discipline is great if you want to elevate your game (do what you do better).

We absolutely enjoyed our time with the pastors as well.  Pastors Carol and Charles Furman are a lot of fun.  And we truly appreciated both their love for their people and their passion.  We laughed a lot with them.

Thanks to all of you that prayed for our trip.  It was a huge success!

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