Monday, January 18, 2010

The NAME OUR CHURCH contest!

We’re having a contest! We are planting a church in Freiburg, Germany in the Fall of 2010. It will be “a church for those that don’t do church”. And we need a name and tagline for it!

You can help us name our new church. The name needs to be current, not too long and not “churchy”. If we choose your idea, you will receive an assortment of real Swiss Chocolates!

Some info about our church plant:

  1. It will be highly relational.
  2. It will be a high-intensity church service, with cool, experiential music and relevant teaching.
  3. It will be active in the community.
  4. It will be a church-planting church… our focus will be on planting more churches with the same DNA all over the Freiburg area.

Some info about Freiburg, Germany:

  1. Renowned university city
  2. Many of the young adults are highly educated and artistic
  3. The greenest city in Germany

To submit a name, click here. You can also follow the discussion on Twitter: #nameourchurch

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