Thursday, October 15, 2009

The importance of faithfulness

Moses led the sheep to the backside of the desert – 40 yrs of his life are summed up in just a handful of verses. What happened during these 40 years? The Bible only gives us highlights of his life… just the big stuff.

Certainly there were stories… there must have been something happening. While we don’t know what actually did happen, we can fairly well assume it wasn’t Bible-worthy. Maybe a sheep got stuck in a ravine. It could be that he had to fight off predators on a regular basis. Maybe he helped solve some family differences, weathered storms, took journeys, etc.

But no matter what it was, he ended up as a shepherd. This was certainly beneath the dignity of a son of Pharaoh. He had certainly participated in chariot races, probably fought in military campaigns, studied in the best schools… being groomed to rule. Here he was in the middle of nowhere. How incredibly boring! What could it possibly matter if he had a sloppy work ethic or a bad attitude? But we see him being faithful in a place where it wasn’t easy to be faithful.

What do we actually see him doing in the desert?

  1. Rescuing (he rescued Jethro’s daughters from the shepherds…)
  2. Being husband/father
  3. Working as a shepherd
  4. …He was faithful to a boring routine.

Moses is the perfect example of faithfulness in the “desert” season of life. Jesus told us in Matthew 25 that when we’re faithful in the little things, God will entrust greater things to us. And these steps of faithfulness actually prepare us for the next “door of opportunity” that God wants to open for us. I’m convinced that if we’re not prepared, this door won’t open.

So, let me leave you with a question… Will you prove yourself faithful when it doesn’t seem to matter?

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