Thursday, October 15, 2009

We are visitors (part 10)

Another thing to consider is the overall sound.  The sound is another area that no one thinks about until it isn’t right.  Then everyone is distracted.  This is what I know…
  • If the sound is too loud, it’s distracting… and you’ll have people (especially older people) looking for ear plugs.
  • If it’s too quiet, it will be unintelligible.  No one will understand what’s going on.  It’s just as distracting as if it was too loud.
  • With the worship team, if the ones singing harmony are as loud as the lead vocal (or worse, louder) no one know will know what the melody line is… and they probably won’t sing.  Harmony singers are there to compliment the main vocal.
And do yourself a favor, change the batteries in the wireless mic before the service… no one wants to waste money, but you can reuse the used batteries in some other device that won’t make a difference in the service.

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