Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What it means to be like Jesus

When it comes to being like Jesus, we often talk about doing miracles, sharing God's heart with a broken world or serving the less fortunate.
But in our local churches we have an AMAZING opportunity every week to represent Jesus' heart.  We can model for others how to welcome and accept the less than perfect.  If we value them, others will too.  If we reach out to them, others will follow.  We need to use our influence to be a champion of the broken and the misfits… we'll never be more like Jesus than when you do that.
This is often difficult for me since I'm such a perfectionist... and I have a hard time accepting anything less than perfection.  But when I go beyond myself and help others, I demonstrate who God is to a world that is desperately searching for grace.  It is hard to do, but well worth the effort.
Let's turn our churches into places for the "everyman" that lives next door, works in the next cubicle or sits at the next school desk.  We can impact the world by impacting one life.  All it takes is us getting out of our comfort zone.

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  1. I think we all take turns being the giver and the receiver!
    good word Jon
    ...luv Robin