Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Something out of nothing

Image Credit: T.Magic
This past Sunday I had the privilege of spending some time with a team that will be launching their church in two weeks.  The pastor asked me to share from my heart so I gave them something that God spoke to my heart when we were getting ready to launch our church.

God is the Creator.  His creativity knows no bounds.  And He lives in us, which means His creativity lives in us.

Church planters represent the creative heart of God.  They literally create something out of nothing, just like He did.  They build something that gives life to people, just like the world He created.  They bring order to chaos just as He did when He took a world that was . (In Gen. 1 God brought a world from being formless and void to the wonderful place we know today.)  They bring light to the world, just like He did.

God brings together a team together.  They unite around a common purpose.  And together they do something significant – the plant a life-giving church!

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